Kirkwood Small Business Development CenterI’m teaching another Viral Marketing Strategies Class next Wednesday, August 28th at the Kirkwood Training and Outreach Services Center in Marion. The class will be from 6 to 8 pm. The cost to attend is $29 and you can register on Kirkwood’s Website.

The class, Viral Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses, will include an overview of how a website, blog, and social media work together to create relationships with customers and potential customers. Attendees will discover tips for deciding which social media tools are best for them, setting up an inbound marketing lead generation program, managing their time on social media, using social media to share offers and information, and getting found on the web.

These classes are a lot of fun for me. And comments from attendees have all indicated that the information has been very helpful to them. Class size varies from about 6 to 12 so there are enough participants to have some good interaction and learn from other business. I always ask participants what they hope to learn from the class and make sure we cover their requests specifically.

I hope you’ll come and bring your questions! And please share this with others you know that may be interested.