Marketing Coaching

Certified Guerrilla Marketing CoachAs a certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach I counsel businesses on low- and no-cost activities to help them compete with their their larger competitors. There are hundreds of low- or no-cost tools and tactics at your disposal to promote your business and win new customers.

I love to sit down with business owners and nonprofits and talk about their best customers. Not just the one’s they have the most of, but the ones they want more of. The ones that are a pleasure to do business with and the one’s that make them money. Let’s talk about what those kinds of customers are like, where and how we can reach them and then come up with a plan for getting them to know you, like you, trust you and buy from you.

Once your plan is in place I’ll be “on call” as your personal marketing coach. We’ll schedule follow-up sessions to make sure you’re on track and to answer questions you may run into along the way. I’ll follow your marketing efforts and give you tips and tricks to make them more effective.

I can also consult on other specific marketing ideas or plans you are working on or considering. Sometimes you just need some fresh ideas. Or maybe you have the ideas and need help making them happen.