Elevator SpeechDo you have an Elevator Speech for your Business? I don’t know the numbers anymore, but I know as consumers we receive a lot of messages each day in a variety of formats. We’re all pressed for time and need to be able to quickly and easily decipher which messages have a benefit for us and which don’t. That’s why a 10-second elevator speech is so important.

While it should be no more than 10-seconds long to recite, you do need to spend some time thinking about it, developing it and rehearsing it. It should be so familiar to you that you can recite it from your heart in a second’s notice. Make sure it describes how you offer value, benefit and quality. Keep in mind that as you’re delivering your elevator speech your listener will be looking for “what’s in it for me?”

Elevator speeches aren’t only for elevators. You’ll find yours useful when you’re introducing yourself to others, talking on the phone or leaving voicemail messages. You might also consider using it in your email signature, on your business cards, on your website, on your resume, on your social media “about” sections or bios, and in other marketing materials. This short “speech” will help your prospects determine right away what you’re good at and why they should consider buying from you.

What’s your elevator speech? Share it here.